GLSI Blog » A Call for Images as Recruitment Picks Up

A Call for Images as Recruitment Picks Up

With September being the month for medical school and residency program applications, now is the time for candidates to submit an image or video for publication on the Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI) website. Publication credit continues to be an excellent way for premedical and medical students to stand out from their peers in the competitive residency application process. GLSI offers an excellent opportunity for students to publish quality images gleaned from classwork or those from short research studies, and then include these publication credits in CVs and applications.

Even fellowship candidates who have already submitted applications can supplement these with publication credit. Once an image has been approved for publication by the GLSI editorial board, fellowship candidates can contact the institutions to which they have applied and request that their applications be updated with the recent publication credit.

Submit a credible image or video to the GLSI site now for peer review. The GLSI editorial board will review the submission for scientific value, accuracy, and quality. Once approved, the image or video along with a caption will be published on the GLSI site and can be cited in resumes, applications, and other materials. 

Our editorial board of experts scrutinizes each submission, but the time period for approval is shorter than with traditional journals because the images and videos appropriate for GLSI are of modest size with brief captions or descriptions. Submission approval by the September 28 residency application deadline is completely achievable.

Submit Now in Case of Possible Covid Shutdowns

As classes at some universities move online due to the Delta variant spreading across campuses, there is concern that lab work could once again be halted or at least somewhat affected. Now is the time to consider capturing images from still in-person classwork or research studies, and preparing these for submission to the GLSI site. Should labs once again close and classes become virtual for more than the short term, the opportunities for in-person research or classwork worthy of publication will be scarce.  Even those who are not currently in the application process should consider submitting credible work to GLSI for publication now. Once an image or video is on the GLSI website, it will remain there and can be included in future residency and fellowship applications and CVs.

To submit an image or video for publication consideration, first register on the GLSI website. Once registered, you can submit the image or video for peer review. (Remember, each submission should be accompanied by a short caption or description.) The editorial board will notify you of your submission’s acceptance, or return it. You must be 16 years of age or older to register. Once a registered member of the GLSI site, you are also licensed to appropriately use the content.