GLSI Blog » A Call for Medical Images – Help Us Reach Our 2021 Goal!

A Call for Medical Images – Help Us Reach Our 2021 Goal!

As year-end 2021 approaches, Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI) would like to ask you to help us reach our goal of 500 images before the New Year. Only a little while ago, our site began as a repository for smaller yet still valuable medical and scientific images. With almost 400 images today, GLSI continues to grow and provide a venue for these significant images as well as publication credit to practitioners, academicians, and students.

Now is a great time as the holidays approach and schools go on break to take a moment to submit images. No video or image is too simple. Even a basic image can be useful to others in a classroom or during daily practice.

The GLSI site includes complex and basic, normal and abnormal images and videos that come from classroom work, day-to-day clinical work and research. Undergraduate students can submit work from their class room projects such as biology, chemistry, physics and engineering courses. Popular image categories include EKGs, histology, coronary angiography, pathology specimens, echocardiograms and MRI. Our site also includes many other categories and types of images. Recent submissions have contained photographs of medical conditions, radiographic studies, veterinary specimens and other scientific images.

As you consider images for publication, remember each submission and its accompanying description are reviewed by our editorial board. The board, which is comprised of experts in their fields, will review the submission for validity and image quality. If an image or video is incorrect or of lesser value, our editors will return the submission with feedback to the submitter. Even a basic concept, will serve as a useful teaching tool that can serve someone at a lower level of training.

GLSI is now also featuring an Image of the Month. These images are highlighted on our site and have their own webpage. In addition to receiving publication credit on a peer-reviewed site, you also have the opportunity to receive our Image of the Month distinction.

Submit your image now and help us meet our goal. To submit, you must first register as a GLSI member. Registration is free and available to anyone 16 years or older. If you have questions about the publication process, editorial review, or image appropriateness, contact us today.