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Become a Member: Reasons to Download Medical Images

Medical professionals—including professors, attending physicians, trainees, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants and pharmacists—all need high-quality images for their formal presentations and lectures.

Despite the high need, it’s never been easy to find such images. A search for a few specific visuals may take visiting several medical or professional websites, requiring multiple log-ins and sometimes cumbersome download processes. Even when medical professionals finally locate the materials they need, it takes a second round of vetting to make sure the images and their descriptions are accurate and are not under a restricted use copyright.

Global Library of Scientific Images streamlines the process, providing a one-stop-shop for high-quality cardiology images, with an eventual expansion into other medical and scientific disciplines. Registered users simply search the site or browse popular categories, quickly locating examples of normal anatomy and physiology, classic examples of common pathology and more unusual variations.  

If members can’t find quite what they’re looking for, or if they need more images from a set or series, they may also request images from other users, expanding search possibilities and creating peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Members may download all Global Library of Scientific Images visuals at no charge, knowing they’re free to use for all educational purposes.

And, because our images are peer reviewed before posting by an editorial board made of experts in their fields, members don’t have to do double the work by checking every image and caption. When you download a visual from Global Library of Scientific Images, you can trust it’s ready to be used in any project or presentation without second guesses.

Registering for Global Library of Scientific Images is free and easy. It takes only a few minutes to complete the registration form and get started. After that, you can begin downloading all of your medical lecture and presentation visuals from the site, plus upload your own projects to share with the community. Many users are even finding Global Library of Scientific Images is a great tool for building a personal collection of reference images—something to have on-hand when interpreting ECGs, echocardiograms, angiograms, CT scans and MRIs.

If you have questions about the registration process or anything else regarding how the site operates, please contact us.