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Global Library of Scientific Images’ Story

Global Library of Scientific Images was created to fit a specific need in the medical and scientific communities. The database gives medical residents, fellows and others a dedicated space to publish and share images or videos of academic value that don’t have enough accompanying information to warrant a case study or report.

In discussions with Cardiology and Medicine residents, our founding editor, Joe B. Calkins Jr., M.D., learned that early-career doctors often felt frustrated by the lack of publication options for such images and videos. After researching the existing journals and databases himself, Dr. Calkins ultimately determined that there was a strong need for an academic publication that would receive, peer review and publish images for which little additional information was available.

Since the goal of Global Library of Scientific Images was to adhere to academic standards and not simply mass publish submissions to a website, Dr. Calkins selected an editorial board to review and vet all images. For the initial board, he chose his former Cardiology fellows, all leaders in their respective fields.

As the site continues to grow, and as students, providers and professionals from other medical or scientific fields submit images, additional editors will be added. Over time, the site will also expand to include new categories and sections, including Basic Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering. However, the core model will remain the same, with subject experts peer reviewing all images and videos before they’re shared with the larger community of registered users.

Medical students, residents and fellows have been overwhelmingly positive regarding Global Library of Scientific Images’ creation and its ease of use. They now have a venue to publish their smaller projects—receiving academic and publishing credit in the process and increasing their competitiveness when applying to advanced programs.

It’s free to sign up and register for Global Library of Scientific Images, and it takes only a few minutes to get started. If you have questions about the registration process or anything else regarding how the site operates, please contact us.