GLSI Blog » GLSI Creates Educational Opportunities; Helps PhD Students and Scientific Fellows

GLSI Creates Educational Opportunities; Helps PhD Students and Scientific Fellows

With its expansive library of scientific and medical images, Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI) has become a valuable teaching resource for PhD candidates, fellows, professors and other practitioners involved in scientific and medical education. GLSI has created an opportunity for these medical and scientific leaders to not only publish but to share their knowledge and contribute to their fields as creators of educational materials for the next generation of scientists and medical professionals.

GLSI recently expanded from its original focus of serving cardiology fellows, medical residents and physicians to include other scientific disciplines. Scientists, scientific research fellows, chemists, engineers, and PhD candidates from multiple areas of study can now publish and access images. PhD candidates and scientific fellows will be able use the library to publish smaller, more-focused projects, thus helping to boost their CVs with valid, peer-reviewed publishing credentials.

The expansive collection of library images can be used to generate teaching materials that cover a broad array of scientific and medical subjects. Thus, GLSI serves not only as a publishing source but also as a repository of information for medical and scientific practitioners and educators to share with students of all levels. Then the educational content can also be shared in the library, and used by others.

The images range from normal to abnormal as well as common to rarely encountered conditions. All scientific and medical images are required to be of the highest quality. Prior to publication, the scientific validity of each image is peer reviewed by GLSI’s editorial board. The same standards that were implemented for medical images at GLSI’s inception in 2017 are being applied to all images today, including those from other scientific disciplines.

In order to publish or access images on GLSI, you must register. Registration is free and open to anyone age 16 or older. Once registered, you have access to all of GLSI’s images, are licensed to use the content, and able to submit material for peer review and publication.