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GLSI Editorial Board Ensures Integrity and Scientific Value

A medical image might be worth 10,000 words, but only if it’s accompanied by an explanatory short description or caption and both have been vetted by an editorial review board for validity and accuracy. All images and accompanying descriptions on the Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI) website have been through a thorough review process that examines the value and precision of the whole submission – not just the image by itself.

Be leery of sites that are willing to take images alone or post without review. The risk of a wrong interpretation or error exists.

At GLSI, one of our founding principles was to create a site where individual images and videos or a small series of the highest quality and scientific value could be shared and used — but only after peer review by an editorial board comprised of experts in their fields. While most images on the site lack the additional information necessary to generate a full case report or other type of scientific paper, they are still reviewed for their scientific value and accuracy, and not simply posted upon receipt.

Do not confuse the fact that our average submission is much smaller than anything that would appear in a traditional journal with a lack of quality control or scientific validity. Every image, series of images, or video must be accompanied by a caption that discusses the value of the image and how it relates to others if part of a series.

Upon receiving a submission, our editorial board will review the images or video for quality, then ensure the caption is accurate and provides appropriate context. The review board will also ensure that if included any teaching points are valid. If the whole package provides value and is accurate, it will be posted. If not, the board notifies the submitting GLSI member and material is returned.

Once posted on the site, each image will be noted as individual or part of a series. If part of a series, individual images will be numbered and cross-referenced to others in the series. Every posted image, video, or series is also cross-referenced to similar images and videos on the website.

 GLSI maintains the copyright for any material posted on our website. However, with appropriate citation and credit, all posted material can be used by the submitter. GLSI images and videos can also be used by other GLSI members in presentations and teaching materials.

To submit an image or video, you must be a GLSI registered user. Registration is free, quick, and easy. Simply complete the registration section on the GLSI website. Once registered, you can submit material and will have access to all GLSI content. You are also licensed to appropriately use the content.