GLSI Blog » GLSI Offers Opportunity for Home Study and Publication in Time of Pandemic

GLSI Offers Opportunity for Home Study and Publication in Time of Pandemic

Global Library of Scientific Images, an online collection of high quality, peer-reviewed medical images, provides a venue for obtaining home-study credit and offers opportunities for publication during a time when in-person collaboration is challenging.

If you are a medical student, intern, resident, or fellow currently working from home due to the pandemic, GLSI can offer you a venue for approved home study. Submissions to GLSI can be counted as academic activities that satisfy Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education home study requirements.

GLSI is also a way, in this time of social distancing and quarantine, for premed and medical students, residents and fellows to stand out in the competitive application process. GLSI offers publication opportunities that can strengthen candidates’ curriculum vitae and applications. GLSI-appropriate online image and video submissions are often less time consuming and labor intensive than other projects, which might be more difficult to complete while social distancing. With images available online, project members can collaborate electronically, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings. 

Once registered with GLSI, the library’s collection of images is available to you at no charge and on an unlimited basis.

Registration is free.  Create a free profile on our website.  Then you can upload your images or videos to GLSI for sharing with the medical community.