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Image Publication Credit Can Increase Your Program Competitiveness

If you’re applying to residency and fellowship programs in the United States and hope to increase your competitiveness with U.S.-based publication credits, Global Library of Scientific Images offers medical trainees a new place to share peer-reviewed images and videos.

After countless conversations with cardiology fellows and medicine residents, our founding editors realized there was no academic journal or website where one could submit high-quality images and videos that weren’t accompanied by detailed case studies or reports. These images and videos, while valuable to the larger scientific community, couldn’t find homes in existing journals or databases, leaving medical trainees unable to publish some of the interesting images that they encountered in clinical and academic medicine.

To help address this problem, and to provide trainees with the best-possible tool to showcase their work, we created Global Library of Scientific Images. Now, students, residents and teachers have a venue to publish and download high-quality images and videos accompanied by basic information and descriptions.

For medical students studying in countries outside of the United States, Global Library of Scientific Images also provides a unique opportunity to strengthen applications to U.S. residency programs. Our contributors submit everything through an editorial board of leaders in the field, meaning our images and videos are peer reviewed for quality and accuracy. This process allows our student and resident contributors to list their submissions as publications when applying for competitive residency or fellowship programs.

Over time, our collection will grow to include a range of scientific disciplines. We want to be the best source of educational images and videos for the science students and teachers of the world. But, as our editorial board is currently made up of cardiac experts, submitting short projects to Global Library of Scientific Images will be especially beneficial to students and residents focusing on advancing their practice in cardiology.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site. The images and videos are free for all educational purposes, and our site is designed to make searching and downloading as easy as possible. Members can even request an image or video directly from a contributor if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Registration is free and allows you full access to our materials, as well as the ability to submit your own images and videos. If you have questions about the registration process or anything else regarding how the site operates, please contact us.