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It’s Application Time! Submit Images Now for Publication Credit

Application season has begun for medical school, as well as fellowship and residency programs. Now is the time to be working on your CV and adding experiences that will make you stand out from other candidates. Publication on a peer-reviewed and respected site, such as Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI), is one way candidates can distinguish themselves from other applicants in the increasingly crowded applicant pool.

 While the 2020-21 academic year posed challenges for in-person, extensive research, there were still opportunities for smaller, more-focused research that can be published and then cited on a CV. Classwork might make a good submission, for example, such as a histology slide or set of slides from a lab. Students who have been involved in smaller-scale research with professors or graduate students might be able to submit those projects or portions of them, in collaboration with their professor or with the professor’s permission.

All images and videos submitted to GLSI are peer-reviewed by an editorial board comprised of experts in their fields. Each image or video must be accompanied by a caption that discusses the image or video’s value. 

Note, not every submission is published. To be accepted, an image or video must be of scientific value and be accurate, as well as of the highest quality. While submissions tend to be smaller than and lack the additional information of a full case study or research project published in a traditional journal, they must still be valid and present information that is useful to practitioners, researchers, and other users of the GLSI site.

Thus, a publication credit on the GLSI website can be a boost to a student’s resume and overall application. There is still plenty of time to do so before the summer and fall application and interview dates.

To submit your images or videos, first register on the GLSI website. Registration is free. You must be 16 years of age or older. Once you are registered, you can submit your images or videos for peer review. The editorial board will notify you of your submission’s acceptance, or return it to you. When you become a registered member, you are also licensed to appropriately use the content.