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Learning Through Snippets

The internet and smartphones have changed the way we read, learn, and live our lives. The average American’s attention span has declined from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. But this isn’t always a bad thing. When it comes to medical knowledge, a lot can be learned from a quick video snippet or single image. Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI) is a repository of real-life medical and scientific images and short videos that can tell a story, enhance a lecture, and assist in daily practice.

GLSI was established to meet the need for a place where professionals could quickly share medical and scientific images, as well as access those posted by others for use during their workday or in an educational setting. GLSI images and videos are accompanied by brief descriptions. Once submitted and approved for publication on the GLSI site, the images and videos are categorized for easy search and cross-referenced to similar submissions.

Video snippets have been part of medical education for a while as a way to enhance material and provide additional information in virtual learning and traditional classroom settings. These snippets provide a quick look at something that if presented without an image or video would take much longer to present and involve lengthy medical reasoning. The images and videos from the GLSI website can enhance presentations and lectures.

Snippets and images from the GLSI site can be easily accessed during a medical professional’s daily practice. Once registered, members can access the entire database and easily search for entries on a smartphone or laptop from an exam room, consultation room, or any setting.

As practitioners encounter electrocardiograms, X-rays, histology images, photographs, scans and other images that they think would provide valuable insight to more medical professionals, they can submit these for presentation on the GLSI site. The images and videos do not have to be complex, but should be accompanied by a brief description that can range from one sentence to a paragraph.

All submissions to GLSI are reviewed by an editorial board of experts in their field. Once vetted and approved, the Images are posted to the GLSI site and credited to the submitting professional, who can then include the posting on a CV or biography as published medical research.

To submit an image or video, you must be registered. Registration is free, quick, and easy. Simply complete the registration section on the GLSI website. Once registered, you can submit videos and images and will have access to all GLSI content. You are also then licensed to use the content.