GLSI Blog » There’s Still Time! Strengthen an Already Submitted Residency Application with GLSI Publication Credit

There’s Still Time! Strengthen an Already Submitted Residency Application with GLSI Publication Credit

The residency application season is underway. Submissions began September 1 and programs started reviewing applications at the end of last month. Still, it’s not too late to strengthen an already submitted application with publication credit from the Global Library of Scientific Images (GLSI). Publication on the GLSI site is a relatively simple yet effective way for a candidate to improve their competitiveness compared to other applicants. 

Following publication on the GLSI site, a residency candidate who has already applied can contact a program’s selection committee and have the publication information added to their portfolio. Applications can be updated for missing information or data that has become irrelevant, as well as for new and important events or experiences. A publication credit from GLSI qualifies as the latter, and not only improves one’s application but can also make the candidate more competitive compared to other applicants.  

GLSI is an online repository of common and uncommon, normal and abnormal images and videos that come from classroom work, day-to-day clinicals, and research. These images include ECGs, telemetry strips, radiographic studies, pulmonary function studies, pathology specimens, and other photos and short videos, each accompanied by a short yet descriptive caption. 

Even the simplest of images can be valuable to others for teaching purposes or in daily practice. Short submissions from more focused and less labor-intensive studies, rather than from a long research project that might result in a journal article, are ideal.  

To submit an image to GLSI, you must first register as a member. Registration is free and available to anyone 16 years of age or older. Each submission is reviewed by an editorial board of experts for accuracy, scientific value, and image quality. 

If you have questions about the GLSI publication process, appropriate images, or the review procedure, contact us.